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* Talks about VMware and Nutanix partnership.

* Partnership on the Horizon 6 RA

* Workspace is about applications


VMware Horizon Special Online Event : vGPU announced, what is left?

Pat Gelsinger, CEO, Sanjay Poonen, EVP and GM End-User Computing, and Sumit Dhawan, VP and GM of Desktop Products, deliver some news about how VMware is transforming desktops and applications. I look forward to hearing the announcement and continue seeing VMware and Citrix play leap frog over each other. I couldn’t imagine the desktop business without either one these power houses.



Good Read: Why Nvidia’s Partnership With VMware Is A Big Deal


Scale Out File Server for Mirage – Windows 2012 w/Dedupe

mirage-CIFS-1 In my previous post I had talked about how to setup caching on Nutanix. Here we are creating two 1 TB drives to our Windows 2012 VM that will reside on our NFS volume that that has compression enabled. We use two different scsi controller for performance. More disks, more threads, better performance. Keep in mind that Mirage will only support 1500 connections per Mirage Server so there is much point throwing all your storage on one Mirage Server – Scale it Out with DFS. [Read more…]

How to Virtualize Hadoop the Nutanix Way

Prior to working at Nutanix I wrote an article just before VMworld 2012 VMware and Nutanix Give Wings to Hadoop. Now with my feet grounded in the company I think I deliver to you some technical content on how to put some wind beneath your wings on virtualizing Hadoop.

One of the bottleneck necks with virtualizing Hadoop is it’s distributed nature. Traditional SANs usually don’t scale as servers are added, usually two storage controllers are to be shared by all the servers. This model is not conducive for a Terasort benchmark. Nutanix virtualizes the storage controller so as you add servers the controllers don’t become the bottleneck.

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#EUC Tip 83: Send a Link, Not the Steps For A Succcesful View Client Setup

With VMware software client 5.2+ or Mac 1.6 + you know can configure all the settings for the client to launch to the right resources via webpage or email. VMware calls this feature uniform resource identifiers (URIs). URI’s provide some or all of the following information, so that your end users do not need to supply it:

  1. View Connection Server address
  2. Port number for View Connection Server
  3. Active Directory user name
  4. Domain name
  5. Desktop display name
  6. Window size
  7. Desktop actions including reset, log off, and roll back
  8. Display protocol

This is a great feature for the helpdesk. Users don’t have to fumble around, click the link and get to work.

An example of a link would be


Below is a link to the Guide to help setup the URI’s. They start on page 23.


Don’t Act a Fool: Use a View Appliance

At VMworld last week I had the pleasure to sit in EUC1494 – Plug and Scale “View Appliance”. This first half of the session the presenters talked about the Rapid Desktop Program and a in house VMware View Config Tool. The tool is for fast View installation from proof of concept to scalable production. The VMware View Config tool was code named Catalyst. Project Catalyst was also the same name used by VMware for a orchestration tool to create Multi-tenant VDI environment using VMware View and vCloud Director(also a great session). The VMware View Config tool had used the name first so I guess it wins! The View Config tool will add hardening practice guidelines and security integration in the future to it’s baseline installation. [Read more…]


Setting Up Horizon Application Manager with a Internal CA

I found the online documentation a little vague since it just told you to go to the apache ssl how to page. Hopefully this will help other people out that where in the same boat as me.
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VMware’s Wanova Acquisition: What I Want to See

The Wanova deal has been a couple of weeks old now and has allowed myself to give it some thought. I am not excepting much too happen since the RTO deal took about two years for anything to come to light. Wanova provides a cloud-based, centralized and endpoint management recovery solution using a form of layering technology. Wanova flagship product, Mirage will give VMware a boost in the arm with :

User-installed applications

Speeding up DaaS (Desktop as a Service) enrollment\On-boarding

A Reshake up of VMware View’s Local Mode

Centralized Image management
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VMware EUC KB articles – May 22nd, 2012

VMware View Manager
Importing an SSL certificate from Microsoft Certificate Authority to a View Connection or Security Server (2016032)
Date Published: 5/18/2012
Attempting to view persistent disks fails with the error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException (2016056)
Date Published: 5/15/2012
Authenticating Kiosk users in View Manager fail with the error: Unknown user name or bad password. (2017010) [Read more…]


VMware EUC KB articles for the Week of May 14th, 2012

VMware ThinApp

· A ThinApp which includes the .NET Framework generates the message: Event ID: 1101 “.NET Runtime Optimization Service (clr_optimization_version) – 1>Failed to compile:” (2018794)

· Running a ThinApp application fails with the error: License problem: Unable to validate your license (2019985)

VMware View

· Unable to install VMware View Composer 2.7 with Oracle ODBC connectio

· Persona Management fails when Novell Secure Login is installed

· Attempting to view persistent disks fails with the error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException