Will DR and Backup power AHV sales to 50%?

.Next has come and gone like your favorite holiday. Tons of hustle and bustle with great euphoric feelings followed by hitting a wall and being extremely tired. The Nutanix conference was chalked filled with announcements but the most powering to me were the ones related to DR and Backup. AHV being built with Cloud in mind is surging but adoption has been slowed by 3rd Party backup support. You can have this great automated hypevisor with best in class management but if you can’t back it up easily it will curb adoption.

This number will grow rapidly now with all of the backup and DR

This number will grow rapidly now with all of the backup and DR options

So before .Next 2017 DR and Backup Options for AHV included:
Commvault with support for IntelliSnapp
• Time Stream – Native DR with Time Stream
o 1 node backup with the NX-1155
o Backup/DR to Storage Only Clusters
o Cloud Connect to AWS and Azure
o DR/Backup to a full cluster.
• Any backup software with agents

After .Next 2017 announcements for AHV Backup and DR support include:
HYCU from Comtrade – Rapidly deployed software using turn-key appliances. Great choice if you have some existing hardware that you can use or place onto Nutanix. Point, click, done. Check out more here.
Rubrik – A hardware based appliances that do the heavy lifting for you. Check out more here.
Veeam – Probably best known for making backup easy on ESXi have announced support for AHV later this year. Nutanix added Veeam as a Strategic Technology Partner within the Nutanix Elevate Alliance Partner Program. Going Green!
Druva – Nutanix users can now take full advantage of Druva Phoenix’s unique cloud-first approach, with centralized data management and security. Only ESXi today and agents with AHV but agentless support is coming. More here.
• Backup and DR to full Nutanix Clusters get near-sync to achieve very low RPO. Read more on near-sync here.
Xi Cloud Services, a native cloud extension to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform that powers more than 6000 end-customers around the globe. This announcement marks another significant step towards the realization of our Enterprise Cloud vision – delivering a true cloud experience for any application, in any deployment model, using an open platform approach. For the first time, Nutanix software will be able to be consumed as a cloud service.

Maybe 50% for AHV is a lofty goal but I can see 40% by next year for new sales as people focus on their business rather than the day to day to headaches. With a very strong backing in backup and DR AHV growth will flourish.


Nutanix and Veeam Backup & Replication for vSphere: Best Practices


Veeam and Nutanix together can help tackle data protection challenges in virtualized environments.

This document makes recommendations for the optimization and scaling of Veeam Backup & Replication v7 with Nutanix for VMware vSphere. It shows the scalability of the joint solution and provides configuration information for both Veeam Backup & Replication and Virtual Computing Platform.

Download this best practices guide for VMware vSphere environment to:

* Understand synergies of using infrastructure and backup software designed for virtualization

* Review the end-to-end architecture with Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform and Veeam Backup & Replication v7

* Learn the best practices for configuring both Veeam and Nutanix components


Special thanks to Derek Seaman and Luca Dell’Oca from Veeam.


Blue + Yellow = Green – @Nutanix and @Veeam Paint By Number Disaster Recovery

This week I get a 2nd opportunity to present with Jason Acord from Veeam and talk about how are companies are tackling business continuity with our paint by number approach. Both infrastructure and disaster recovery come together to provide an simple yet highly powerful tier 1 standard for deliver applications end to end.

I will be talking about:

* Speed of Nutanix with Customer Choice
* 55 Health Tests Nutanix provides
* Speed Enchantments for Tier 1 Applications
* Per VM replication
* Offloading Tape to the Secondary Site
* Limitless Site Recovery Topologies
* Fast Backup with Veeam and intelligent Flash

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 2.49.49 PM
Nutanix Per VM Replication – Byte Level Replication.

When: Wednesday April 16th 1 p.m. ET
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Veeam & Nutanix: Ditch disaster, gain protection for VMware & Hyper-V platforms in 2014


When: Thursday, 30 January 2 p.m. ET

Veeam and Nutanix have an upcoming webinar together! Data centers made easy.

Nutanix and Veeam® are both leaders in providing virtualization solutions for the next-gen data center. Nutanix is a converged infrastructure that consolidates compute and storage resources into a single, integrated appliance. Veeam provides fast, flexible, and reliable recovery of virtualized applications and data. Together we enable performance and granular backup for the most critical workloads. Get the features you’ve been asking for — ease of use and deployment, while reducing wastage and achieving desired RTO/RPO objectives.

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InfoGraphic for Veeam featuring the capabilities of v7:

A Picture says a 1000 words.

Veeam v7 By the Numbers

Veeam v7 By the Numbers


Business Continuity Planning (BCP) with Nutanix on June 17, 1PM MST

Please join me and your peers to talk about Business Continuity Planning on June 17, 1PM MST

1) Common sense approach to BCP
2) Nutanix DR – Replication and SRM like features
3) 3rd Party Replication – Veeam & Zerto

Don’t let this be you. Click on the picture to register.

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Why Veeam and Nutanix? Fast, Low Impact, Results

* Nutanix is able to sense traffic patterns and can prevent flooding the high performance tier with replication

* Both offer top class Time to Value. With Nutanix’s ability to go from shrink wrapped to production in 1 hr or less paired with easy to setup replication from Veeam. Remote sites can be easily sprung up. Set and forget.

* IT teams don’t have double the time to setup DR facilities. Veeam gives the ability to provide replication from legacy storage arrays to the Nutanix Complete Cluster
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EUC Podcasts to Go!

Traveling in Canada requires driving and a lot of it. The good part of travel is it allows to load up some podcasts and get some learning in while putting some time behind the wheel.

On my trip down to San Jose I got the chance to listen to two EUC podcasts.

Episode 81 End-user computing for the virtual era
Rick Vanover hosts Simon Bramfitt. Simon blogs at http://blog.simonbramfitt.com/and also is a partner at Entelechy Associates. Simon is based in Northern California, but is originally from the United Kingdom. Rick and Simon talk at length about technologies for computing experiences and how virtualization has impacted these practices over time.

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AdaptingIT – With ​Glenda Canfield
Glenda Canfield is an expert on virtualization in the enterprise and has more than 13 years of experience designing and supporting on-demand data centers. They talk about BYOD, VDI, and application delivery in this episode.

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Nutanix Provides Native Replication & Aids 3rd Party Replication\DR

Today Nutanix publicly launched our new operating system version 3.0 and new hardware. While this a big release for us I want to focus on disaster recovery and more importantly how to get there without blowing the hinges off the bank. More information on NX-3000 Series Hardware and NOS 3.0 can be found here.

Having a disaster recovery plan for most people is like being healthy. You know you should be healthy but you can keep kicking it to the curb because it’s not easy, and both cost more money than the alternatives. We usually only start eating healthy after something bad has happened to us or a loved one. The same is true for IT departments; no one wants to pay for a duplicate datacenter due to cost, staffing and the additional complexity.
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