ProfileUnity Flexing the Muscle with FlexApp 5.5

ProfileUnity FlexApp version 5.5 looks really good. Some of my earlier annoyances with the product have been wiped cleaned. The product always did it’s job but the new UI will go along way it giving people the warm fuzzy feeling after they have spent the cash on the product.

Automatic setup of Microsoft Active Directory is now apart of the setup.

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Persona Bake-Off: View Persona 5.1 vs ProfileUnity

Disclaimer: One is included and one will cost you money. List your goals for Persona Management before even looking at a product.

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Speed Up Non-Persistent Log On Times with ProfileUnity and One Registry Key

Ever seen this before?

If it happens once to you, not bad. If it happens everytime you log in, very bad. Users really don’t like waiting for thier PC’s to log them on in the mornings. If your running non-persistent pools that delete the machine everytime a user logs out this is what you’re going to be faced with. The below registy key can be made to merge with your profile so it will only happen once for your non-persistent users.

The Registry Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Active Setup

You can set it to merge with creating a ruleset in the Portability Managment section of ProfileUnity.