VMware Horizon Special Online Event : vGPU announced, what is left?

Pat Gelsinger, CEO, Sanjay Poonen, EVP and GM End-User Computing, and Sumit Dhawan, VP and GM of Desktop Products, deliver some news about how VMware is transforming desktops and applications. I look forward to hearing the announcement and continue seeing VMware and Citrix play leap frog over each other. I couldn’t imagine the desktop business without either one these power houses.


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Old or New, It’s a GP 4 U: NVIDIA VCA

Now that GPU virtualization is being supported at the hypervisor layer both user and vendor alike are rushing to use and get new products out the door, Nutanix included. Like anything new in the Enterprise space, the wheels of change can sometimes be slow. Upgrading a 2,000+ VDI enviroment consisting of hypervisor and your favorite flavour of VDI can take some time to sort out and push through the bowls of change management. On the vendor side of the house the GRID K1 & GRID K2 cards are huge power sucking beasts, new hardware is going to be needed. If your thinking about putting these cards in a server that’s not listed you might want to talk to the NVIDA rep that the server has enough airflow to cool the card.
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View Accelerated – 3D Graphics with Horizon View 5.2

View 5.2 brings Hardware accelerated graphics for 3D and high performance graphical workloads. vSGA (Shared Accelerated Graphics) in View 5.2 will allow uses cases such as Adobe, CAD, CAM, HTML5 and will even give better user experience to Microsoft Office that is increasing using more 3D features.

vSGA will also help to increase user densities by allowing multiple VMs sharing single GPU. vSGA supports DirectX and OpenGL and doesn’t prevent the use of vMotion, HA or DRS. vSGA will allow you even to vMotion from a host with a supported physical GPU to host without a physical GPU. Desktops remain portable regardless of the Hardware.

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