Loginvsi and the Launchers from Hell

Just from friendly advice from a guy who has been hunting down bugs and to remember a healthy launcher is just as important as great golden image.

1) Remove the Windows XPS printer so you don’t have to worry about printer redirection issues.

2) vSphere 5.5 and VMware tools has issues and can reset the network. Easiest thing to do is disable logging for VMware tools.

3) Installing Citrix receiver installs some older version of c++ 2005 libraries and you’ll see a ton of sidebyside in the event logs. Install by the X86 and X64 of the SP1 and you’ll be good to go.

4) More VMware tools issues – Unity (Mac) showing up in the logs, KB here to fix

5) Stick to the recommendations when using connectors of your broker of choice. If you need a lot of launchers here is PowerShell script that will help you along -> http://vmwarepro.wordpress.com/2012/05/19/provision-multiple-vms-from-template-via-powercli/

or a great tip from @shanetech is to use PVS for the launchers.


#VDI Tip 62: Stress Test Your Environment

“Paging Doctor Dwayne,your stress test patient has arrived”.

For many years I heard on the internal paging system Doctors being summed to baseline their patents, to find out where issues may be lurking. In a pervious VDI tip I mentioned that you need to properly stress test your storage system. This still needs to happen to get a proper baseline and will help you with trouble shooting down the road. This does not exclude you from doing a proper environmental stress test. As you scale you need to make all the parts are working together to form one solid application called “VDI”.

With talking to Mark Plettenberg from LoginVSI, he mentioned a customer that went into production with only 1 CPU running on their storage array. A POC wouldn’t have helped out in this situation. When numbers hit the 400 users mark, performance issues start happening and VDI looks bad to your end users (your customers). It can also help find other configuration issues like your anti-virus causing negative impact with scanning more than it should.

If you’re a VMware View shop you can use VMware View Planner or LoginVSI. LoginVSI is vendor neutral so lots of consulting companies lean towards LoginVSI so they can do both View and XenDesktop. Both are able to launch third party applications to get a real test of your environment.

In the VDI game consistency and reliability go a long way. Don’t get caught off guard. Stress test your environment.