Persona Bake-Off: View Persona 5.1 vs ProfileUnity

Disclaimer: One is included and one will cost you money. List your goals for Persona Management before even looking at a product.

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ProfileUnity – New Release 4.8.1

Liquidware Labs new release of ProfileUnity 4.8.1 has three main points that I would like to cover.

1) – I had written a blog post about using ActiveSetup to speed up non-persistent machines. With 4.8.1 is it is now intregrated as a portablilty settings. Every easy to use and get up and running.

2) Log on Speeds – They have improved the movment of user persona data by changing giving two options to move data. For those unformilar with ProfileUnity, Liquidware Labs uses 7zip to compress and decompress the portabablity settings when logging off and on. The faster log on speeds results in bigger files being saved but it is less than 50% of the original.

3) Wizard Driven – If you just starting out you have the ability to use a wizard to configure your base policy instead of manually entering all the fields. It’s also nice now that unused settings are greyed out so you don’t have to go hunting around if you’re doing some troubleshooting.