EUC Podcasts to Go!

Traveling in Canada requires driving and a lot of it. The good part of travel is it allows to load up some podcasts and get some learning in while putting some time behind the wheel.

On my trip down to San Jose I got the chance to listen to two EUC podcasts.

Episode 81 End-user computing for the virtual era
Rick Vanover hosts Simon Bramfitt. Simon blogs at http://blog.simonbramfitt.com/and also is a partner at Entelechy Associates. Simon is based in Northern California, but is originally from the United Kingdom. Rick and Simon talk at length about technologies for computing experiences and how virtualization has impacted these practices over time.

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AdaptingIT – With ​Glenda Canfield
Glenda Canfield is an expert on virtualization in the enterprise and has more than 13 years of experience designing and supporting on-demand data centers. They talk about BYOD, VDI, and application delivery in this episode.

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#EUC Tip 79: SAML Sanity Check, help for dealing with SaaS Apps + Horizon Application Manager

Horizon Application Manager today gives you the ability to offer a portal to your end-users for SaaS(Software as a Service) applications like Salesfore.com and your ThinApp packages. Horizon has some SaaS applications partially per-configured. Most of the time all you have to do is take your SAML certificate from Horizon and upload it your SaaS App and on the SaaS configure the identity providers. Despite this “easy process” errors can occur. Most error messages that occur aren’t very helpful at getting your problem solved.

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VMware’s Wanova Acquisition: What I Want to See

The Wanova deal has been a couple of weeks old now and has allowed myself to give it some thought. I am not excepting much too happen since the RTO deal took about two years for anything to come to light. Wanova provides a cloud-based, centralized and endpoint management recovery solution using a form of layering technology. Wanova flagship product, Mirage will give VMware a boost in the arm with :

User-installed applications

Speeding up DaaS (Desktop as a Service) enrollment\On-boarding

A Reshake up of VMware View’s Local Mode

Centralized Image management
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VMware EUC KB articles – May 22nd, 2012

VMware View Manager
Importing an SSL certificate from Microsoft Certificate Authority to a View Connection or Security Server (2016032)
Date Published: 5/18/2012
Attempting to view persistent disks fails with the error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException (2016056)
Date Published: 5/15/2012
Authenticating Kiosk users in View Manager fail with the error: Unknown user name or bad password. (2017010) [Read more…]


VMware EUC KB articles for the Week of May 7th, 2012

VMware View
After upgrading View Connection Server, a blank grey web page is displayed for the View Administrator console (2018751)
VMware View Persona Management fails and data does not sync (2019247)
VMware View Transfer Server fails to publish Local Mode image (2019448)


How to decline or ignore invites to a group in Socialcast (2019339)


Xangati has Huge Announcement at Tech Field Day: User Based Performance Profiling

I told people tonight that I wasn’t going to write a blog post till later but I clearly can’t sleep so here it goes.

The Xangati Presentation was spot on today at Tech Field Day. Right from the start to the end of their presentation they come to play with appropriate content and information that was timely for the Virtualization and End User Computing(EUC) industry. I will get right into the meat of the their content. They did some great marketing but you’re here at this blog because you want to better your VDI environment. Before getting started I also feel it’s necessary to make it known that I am a current Xangati customer.

So the biggest news of the day that was announced via Xangati, User Based Performance Profiling. The current best practice is to implement a VDI environment is use a non-persistent desktop architecture. The basis of the non-persistent desktops is to split the user persona and applications from the desktop. Non-persistent desktops allow Disaster Recovery (DR) and availability by not having to worry about OS problems. If there is an issue, just grab a different desktop. Who cares about the desktop? Next time you log in with a non-persistent desktop you get a clean image, no matter what the heck you did before in your session.

Doesn’t that sound great? If you are able to pull a non-persistent desktop architecture off, there hasn’t been a proper way to monitor and trend what the user is doing after the fact. Monday you are on VDI and your desktop is “desktop-23”. You log off and next Tuesday morning you grab “desktop-06”. Same thing goes on and on and on. There hasn’t been a way to tie the users activities to performance until recently. While the User Based Performance Profiling is still a future, it’s close. The code is done and it’s being ran in beta.

Current things I love about the product:

    The ability to monitor PCoIP\HDX metrics from the Client to the VM
    Monitors Ready Time, Storage Latency, IO rates, Network Latency, Memory spikes, CPU, spikes
    Insight into the applications being ran on the desktop via WMI
    All metrics are trended and you get alerts based on difference varying form “normal” activity”
    Able to create views or groups of applications that you want to specifically track
    vDS integrated via Net Flow. No need for agent VM’s on your hosts(vSphere 5 only) Video
    Drill down features to get to the root problem

Things that could be better:

    Active Directory integration for user accounts is lacking
    Adding new desktops to monitor is a manual process to get added to the dashboards

Luckily the two things that could be better are things were Xanagti has been listening to their customers. Both pieces should be covered in the next release.

The product has a great framework in place for also monitoring Unified Communications along with VDI. I can see Xangati being bought soon by one of the big vendors. Agent-less monitoring that is vendor diagnostic, Powerful.

Great Overview of the Xangati presentation: Musings of Rodos

Thoughts from the Wahl Network: A Combination Of Bacon, Star Wars, and Performance Monitoring

More Information about Xangati can be found here.