Boom! Activate our DR plan, We have a DR plan right? right guys? – @Nutanix Replication

I did a quick video for use for the Edmonton vForum. My session is really around being a service provider for your customers whom every they’re and protecting and responding to their business needs. Please take a look at s technical level how Nutanix replication works. Please leave any questions in the comments and I will respond ASAP.


Business Continuity Planning (BCP) with Nutanix on June 17, 1PM MST

Please join me and your peers to talk about Business Continuity Planning on June 17, 1PM MST

1) Common sense approach to BCP
2) Nutanix DR – Replication and SRM like features
3) 3rd Party Replication – Veeam & Zerto

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Nutanix Provides Native Replication & Aids 3rd Party Replication\DR

Today Nutanix publicly launched our new operating system version 3.0 and new hardware. While this a big release for us I want to focus on disaster recovery and more importantly how to get there without blowing the hinges off the bank. More information on NX-3000 Series Hardware and NOS 3.0 can be found here.

Having a disaster recovery plan for most people is like being healthy. You know you should be healthy but you can keep kicking it to the curb because it’s not easy, and both cost more money than the alternatives. We usually only start eating healthy after something bad has happened to us or a loved one. The same is true for IT departments; no one wants to pay for a duplicate datacenter due to cost, staffing and the additional complexity.
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