Unidesk Saves Cache

From an applications perspective I have been a liked Unidesk for awhile. ThinApp is good but unless you have a dedicated person for the role, hard applications can stall VDI projects waiting from them to be packaged. Don’t get me wrong, ThinApp has its place. If you need multiple versions of applications running on the same platform ThinApp is the way to go. ThinApp is also a must if you want to role out Horizon from VMware.

I think it’s important also to point out Unidesk can lower View implementation costs by allowing the customer to save on storage costs without having to pay the premium price for View Composer. On the XenDesktop side of the house, you wouldn’t have to use Machine Creation Services(MCS). From the XenDesktop people I have talked to, MCS doesn’t scale well.
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#VDI Tip 52: Rat A Dat Dat, better Thin Dat

For a long time I thought DAT files where bad. They were normally very big and I considered them an extra file. I have now realized the error of my ways. DAT files are great because the help control your anti-virus by scanning a small exe and then excluding the DAT file. Exclude outgoing DAT’s on your server hosting your streaming apps and exclude DAT files incoming on your VDI desktops. Remember to remove any extra files, like user state files, extra language options and temp directories with install files.