Podcast Lollapalooza – EUC Podcast and Frontline Chatter

Last week I was able to sneak onto two podcasts. End User Computing Podcast and the Frontline Chatter Chat. I have to report with deep sadness that the 2016 .Next Conference is NOT in Sydney, my love of rugby must have had the better of me. The 2016 .Next conference is in Las Vegas.

EUC Podacst was mostly around Synergy and cloud management with a sprinkle of layering and the Frontline Chatter was great review on the announcements for .Next including what Acropolis is a whole.

Listen to both today and let me know what you think.




Next Community Podcast Episode is Live

In among the Internet of things adding another podcast can be like throwing a stone in the ocean and hoping to have a lasting affect. I think the Next Community podcast has a good fighting chance with the people involved, excluding myself. John Troyer’s reputation speaks for himself and definitely has helped shape and mold the foundation of the podcast. In certain aspects the podcast might have been another couple weeks out if John didn’t provide some guidance with his knowledge that was gained from when the VMware Communities Podcast was at ground zero.

Angelo Luciani might be the most genuine all around nice guy that I’ve had the pleasure to meet. I still remember when I was an SE and I was in Toronto and went to meet Angelo and Eric Wright for supper. Angelo was just looking for ways to improve his local VMUG and interested in seeing how he could help. me. It also didn’t hurt that Angelo grabbed the bill. Angelo is organizing guests and setting the agenda, probably also has the dreaded task of show notes.

Laura Whalen has an impressive track record with Citrix and building out communities. She has lots of irons in the fire so hope she is able to make most of the shows. Laura will be tag teaming the weekly news and events with Angelo. If you’re a guest on the show, No talking about The Walking Dead with her!

With all that being said it’s really not about us, It’s about the guests. The first episode is with Stu Miniman and like always has some great insights about our up and down crazy industry. Week 2 has Joep Piscaer lined up too.

The podcast will appear on iTunes shortly. Just awaiting on getting confirmation from the people over at Apple. Catch the action today at http://nutanix.com/nextpodcast