Nutanix Datacenter Tools get updated, Xtract and Foundation

Xtract for VMs 1.1.6

Nutanix Xtract helps streamline ‘lift-and-shift’ virtual machine (VM) migrations to a Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, and automates the migration of full database instances while applying proven Nutanix best practices.
* Streamlined migrations with one-click simplicity
* Near-zero downtime with full cutover control
* Simple test migrations and roll-back capabilities
* Cost efficient – included with all Nutanix software editions

New in 1.1.6:

* AOS 5.8 is now supported in Xtract for VMs
* You can now migrate large VMs with intensive IOs
* You can now modify the VCenter source inventory refresh time.

Foundation 4.1.1

Nutanix installs AHV and the Nutanix Controller VM at the factory before shipping a node to a customer. To use a different hypervisor (ESXi or Hyper-V) on factory nodes or to use any hypervisor on bare metal nodes, the nodes must be imaged in the field. Foundation is used to accomplish this.

Foundation 4.1.1 is a maintenance release.

New in 4.1.1:

* CVM and standalone Foundation are similar in UI and operation. Except, unlike standalone Foundation, CVM Foundation does not let you manually add nodes or abort an ongoing operation.
* On discovered nodes, Foundation can skip imaging AOS and re-image just hypervisors with any supported version of same hypervisor. However, imaging AOS without imaging hypervisors is not supported.
* CVM Foundation supports imaging nodes without forming a cluster. This is already supported in standalone Foundation.
* Foundation can import configuration file created in https://install.nutanix.com. This file helps automate filling Foundation UI fields. See section Automate filling Foundation UI in Field Installation Guide.
* Standalone Foundation can image nodes or create cluster without IPMI.
* Foundation enables the sfcbd-watchdog service, by default, on ESXi 6.5 or higher.
* Foundation generates auto-filled hostnames without a hyphen


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