Rubrik Extending Deeper into the Enterprise Data Center.

Rubrik is committed to providing the same powerful UX and simpler interface for traditional enterprise workloads. Rubrik nows protect AIX and Oracle Solaris,
helping backup admins skip a generation and migrate that data to their storage archive of choice. I particularly like this because how Rubrik can be used to backup both AHV on x86 and on Power. Rubrik also announced support for AHV VSS snapshots.

For AIX support crafted connector with low resource and operational overhead. The connector supports granular folder/file level backups via filesets that integrate with SLA policies. Filesets are a logical construct based on Includes and Excludes. These are often around a direct path to a file or folder but can use wildcards for greater flexibility around what is included or excluded.

For example, you might backup /home on all servers on a daily basis, excluding .mp3 files. At the same time, you might backup other folders on the same servers on a weekly or hourly basis. Filesets can be customized to meet specific needs. While we recommend keeping them simple, there is a high degree of customization possible, especially via calling Pre/Post Scripts. Pre/Post scripts can also be configured to provide application-consistent backups.

For AIX, we’ve Rubrik’s initial support on the versions (7.1 and 7.2) and filesystems (JFS and JFS2).

AHV VSS Snapshots

While Rubrik has provided support for Nutanix AHV VMs since version 4.0, adaptive consistency for AHV VMs
is now provided in the following order of precedence:

1. Rubrik Backup Service (RBS) based VSS snapshot
2. Native AHV application-consistent snapshot
3. Crash-consistent snapshot

With AHV environments, Rubrik leverages Nutanix’s REST 3.0 API to drive an initial full backup followed by incremental-forever backups in the most efficient manner possible. Rubrik CDM interacts with Nutanix Changed Region Tracking (CRT) to query only the changed metadata regions between any two snapshots of a VM or virtual disk. The efficiencies gained through this approach are essential to taking incremental backups, and provide the added benefit of saving on read operations for full backups. Utilization of parallel streams to rapidly ingest data magnifies these efficiencies, minimizing impacts to production workloads to near-zero levels. Supporting this level of performance at scale, Rubrik’s distributed architecture enables linear scaling of
throughput processes. Though straightforward in its architecture, the Rubrik integration with Nutanix delivers granular RPOs and application-consistent backups while automating the protection and restore workflows. With no hypervisor stun and both companies parallel streaming approach rapidly ingests the snapshot disks’ data into Rubrik’s Atlas filesystem.

Additionally, using VSS snapshots with Rubrik also provides app-consistent log truncation for Exchange – it automatically check to see if logs are backed up, and if done, truncate the logs up to the nearest point when the backup commenced. Rubrik doesn’t require specific settings to be turned on to allow app-consistent log truncation. Log truncation prevents the VM from running out of disk space and eventually crashing.

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