Nutanix Acropolis Files Services (SMB/NFS) adds Health Page for Advanced troubleshooting in 3.0.1

With the release of 3.0.1 Nutanix AFS has added a health page for advanced troubleshooting. While it’s probably not the sexiest thing in the world it does put it on par with similar pages that we have today for Stargate like the 2009 page and Curator on 2010. Since this is more for support I think it’s okay that it’s not the same as Prism. It’s always a fine line in the UI on what to add and what to leave out. You can find more information about the existing troubleshooting pages on the Nutanix Bible.

The AFS health page is a FSVM-level webpage showing statistics and health related information about major AFS components. It runs at the default AFS port: 7502. It can be accessed using links CLI browser or web browser at http://:7502. The Internal IP would be best choice to use and I would firewall off the external port.

Below are some examples of what you will find when you go to the AFS Health Page.

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