Choice With Nutanix, Agility with Docker EE, Security with Both and all thanks to the French!

If I took the great detective skills from the CNN and Fox News it would be easy to come to the conclusion that containers were invented by the French. I can come to this conclusion because coworker and fellow booth babe in crime Christophe Jauffret is French and so is Solomon Hykes. While I didn’t see Solomon at DockerCon 2018, Christophe built a great little demo using Nutanix Calm with Docker EE which fit into the conferences maintain theme, choice, agility, security.
While I’m not totally delusional I know Docker wasn’t talking directly about Nutanix but two companies do share the same thoughts on the theme they selected.

Choice: Docker EE is not tied to a single OS or VM model. Docker also supports the leading cloud hosted Kubernetes services. Nutanix supports multiple hypervisor’s four on Prem which shines in the infrastructure as a service arena but can also use Nutanix Calm to deploy to GCP or AWS using a common blueprint.

Agility: Docker EE has proven ROI and infrastructure savings that was proven when McKesson got on stage. Docker EE accelerates on-boarding with uniform operating model across clouds and helps with automation of application life-cycle policies. Mechanics allows you to focus on the application while we take care of the infrastructure stack. With the Nutanix calm you can use blueprints from the marketplace or share them on the community.

Security: Nutanix takes security very seriously. Nutanix has automated Security Technical Implementation Guides that keep your system in a hardened state. Not only can these STIGS automatically run hourly, daily, weekly, they are tested across the whole stack so nothing breaks and takes Nutanix customers out of the guessing game and dealing with pages of Excel spreadsheets with changes to make. Docker with its trusted registry gives image scanning and integrated security policies across clouds. Together Nutanix and docker can secure your entire build pipeline.

With all that being said let’s get to the cool part, the demo.

Christophe has built a blueprint in Calm to deploy one master node and two worker nodes. This could be easily changed to three master nodes and he also shows auto scaling the worker nodes. When you watch the demo you are able to see all of the steps that are happening, you can check the logs for any errors that happened, you can add variables for versions, protect passwords and add steps for full life-cycle management.

In the demo he is also using Nutanix AFS which provides SMB and NFS storage. He has set up a storage class so that persistent volume claims can be used. Since AFS can have multiple NAS heads, you can have great performance for building environments when using our Shared export type. The Shared export type allows for all top level directories in the root of the export to land on different NAS heads. While it is not shown in the demo Nutanix can provide block support as well and has a AHV turbo for great performance.

Nutanix Calm Blueprint

The biggest announcement at DockerCon was the ability for Docker EE to support federated management across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. Nutanix can help deploy EE on Prem or to GCP and or AWS in the cloud. If you want to run containers on AKS or EK S you can do that to. Wherever you need your application to be ran with the proper security controls in place, it’s possible without being locked in.

If you want to get started today you can download Nutanix Community Edition and give it a shot today, Nutanix Calm licenses are included, security is on by default and AHV it is integrated for seamless experience.

Happy Computing!

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