AFS 3.0 Brings NFS for the Busy Developer

AFS 3.0 brings NFS v4 Support! This is the rocket ship that your software builds needed! No longer are your build piplines stuck with the lonely power of a single NAS head servicing your workloads.

AFS with NFS support enables you to manage a collection of NFS exports distributed across multiple file server VMs (FSVMs, think NAS head). With NFS, users can now use Linux and UNIX clients with AFS. This feature is also hypervisor agnostic.

AFS supports two types of NFS exports:

Distributed. A distributed export (“sharded”) means the data is spread across all FSVMs to help improve performance and resiliency. A distributed export can be used for any application. It is distributed at the top-level directories and does not have files at the root of the export. If you give a developer one share and each build goes into the share as top-level directory watch out, you might not have time for coffee.

1 Share, multiple top-level directories, multiple NAS heads.

Non-distributed. A non-distributed export (“non-sharded”) means all data is contained in a single FSVM. A non-distributed export is used for any purpose that does not require a distributed structure. If you have 10’s or 1000’s of exports they will be placed among all of the FSVM/NAS heads!

Best of all, one click upgrades and the Nutanix ease of use makes this a slam dunk to deploy and maintain.

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