Changing the Timezone on the AHV Hosts

NOTE: AOS 5.5 now sets AHV time to UTC, so use the below to change older releases.

The timezone on an AHV host is by default set to Pacific Standard Time (PST), specifically to the Americas/Los_Angeles time configuration. You can change the time zone on all the AHV hosts in the cluster to your preferred time zone. Changing the timezone is safe in a production AHV host because this does not touch the system clock, but instead only references the system clock with the symbolically linked timezone.

Perform the following procedure to change the time zone on an AHV host:

Log on to a Controller VM with SSH by using your user credentials.
Locate the template file for your time zone by using one of the following commands:
nutanix@cvm$ ssh root@ ls -F \


nutanix@cvm$ ssh root@ ls -F \

Your time zone might be stored at the root level of zoneinfo or within a subdirectory. For example:

Create a backup of /etc/localtime, and then create a symbolic link to the appropriate template file. For example, if you want to set the time zone to UTC, run the following command:
nutanix@cvm$ allssh 'ssh root@ "date; \
ls -l /etc/localtime; \
mv /etc/localtime /etc/localtime.org; \
ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/UTC /etc/localtime; \
date; ls -l /etc/localtime"'


  1. Big D! Long time listener, first time caller…

    Why would someone want or need to change the AHV host time zone? Is it just for time stamps on logs?

    What’s the difference between this and setting the cluster time zone with ncli?

    Why can’t we all abandon social norms and live our lives based on UTC time?

    Why have time at all? Why not just like – exist – man?

    • LOL

      Just keeping all your logs with the same time really and for the anal retentive folks. NCLI is for AOS/Cluster settings,

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