On-Prem or Cloud Hosted Kubernetes?

Should I host by Kubernetes cluster in the Cloud or keep it with in my own data center? Nutanix Calm can deploy on-prem or to a Cloud provider so what should I do?

Some questions I was thinking about when talking to peers. I would love this list to be builted overtime.

Do you require a connection back to the corporate network?
Where will your logging and management be located? Sending data back to a corp site needs to be factored into the cost.

Data Dependency
What data sources are required for your app?
How much latency can you tolerate?

How much control do you for operations?
Can you find a on-prem solution that provide the updates and upgrades. Does the solution/infrastructure it sits on painless to also upgrade/patch
Stackdriver is tied to account on GCP. You can’t share data across accounts.
Do you have to intergate other on-prem monitoring or logging solutions.

Last updated January 28, 2018

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