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Mounting and Enabling NGT Results in an Error Message….. CD/DVD-ROM Drive

Nutanix has a KB ARTICLE 3455

Mounting and Enabling NGT Results in an Error Message that Indicates that the VM does not have a CD/DVD-ROM Drive

If you enable Nutanix Guest Tools (NGT) in the Prism web console, the following error message is displayed.

This VM does not have a CD/DVD-ROM device.
Guest Tools cannot be mounted as there not enough empty CD-ROM(s)

This error message is displayed even though the VM has the CD/DVD device.

You can go ahead and read the KB but its caused by newer VMware versions using a SATA controller instead IDE for the CD ROM. On my VM it kept switching back to SATA from IDE. I got around it by adding a 2nd CD-ROM that was IDE.


My Thoughts On The Kubernetes Support For Docker EE


Automatically Snap, Clone and Backup AFS (Acropolis File Services)

I wrote a script on the Next community site that automatically snaps, clones and then you can use any backup product that can read off a SMB share. The script can be used to always have the latest backup copy and avoid impacting your production users.


Hope you find it useful.