Acropolis Dynamic Scheduler (ADS) for AHV (Compute + Memory + Storage)

The Acropolis Dynamic Scheduler (ADS) ensures that compute (CPU and RAM) and storage resources are available for VMs and volume groups (VGs) in the Nutanix cluster. ADS, enabled by default, uses real-time statistics to determine:

Initial placement of VMs and VGs, specifically which AHV host runs a particular VM at power-on or a particular VG after creation.

Required runtime optimizations, including moving particular VMs and VGs to other AHV hosts to give all workloads the best possible access to resources.

If a problem is detected, a migration plan is created and executed thereby eliminating hotspots in the cluster by migrating VMs from one host to another. This feature only detects the contentions that are currently in progress. You can monitor these tasks from the Task dashboard of the Prism Web console. You can click the VM link to view the migration information, which includes the migration path (to the destination AHV host).

The Acropolis block services feature uses the ADS feature for balancing sessions of the externally visible iSCSI targets.

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