Multi-stage build support in #Docker EE 17.06

New in Docker EE 17.06 is the ability to have multi-stage builds. This is important because you can now just grab the files(artifacts) you need for the next stage of your build and keep your builds small which leads to faster build times. This change allows you to have mutiple from arguments in your docker file.

Devs have optional give a name the build stage. Then afterward this name can be used in COPY –from=name src dest and FROM name. If a build stage is defined with that name it takes precedence in these commands, if it is not found, an image with that name is attempted to be used instead.

FROM node AS test-env
ADD ./ /app
RUN npm install
RUN npm run build

FROM nginx AS prod
COPY --from=test-env /app /var/www/html

You can run subsets of the dockerfile to get more use of out your work. If you wanted to only run the test-env section you can add a target to the docker build command with –target test-env


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