#Nutanix #AFS – Cannot access folders/files created with a dot “.”

You may experience issues with third party application when accessing folders/files with a dot “.” prefix in the name such as “.profile” or “.build”.

One of the error messages may look like the one below.

Error mesessage
The “.profile” has different permissions.

This is pertaining folders like “.profile” or “.build”. If can create the folders and see them, but when trying to access them with programs, it throws access errors. The “dot files” have different permissions.

There is a configuration option called “hide dot files” in AFS. This “hide dot files” configuration option is enabled by default in AFS.

You can run the following command on one of the FSVMs to turn off the “hide dot files” option globally.

scli smbcli global "hide dot files" No

Example of the command run successfully below.
nutanix@NTNX-x-x-x-x-A-FSVM:~$ scli smbcli global "hide dot files" no
No existing config 'hide dot files' in smb.conf. Creating a new entry now..!
smb.conf update is successful

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