Top 10 Reasons Why Nutanix Is The Best Platform For Horizon View

1) Turn key-solution for desktops and RDSH with vGPU.
2) All roads lead to a non-persistent desktop, which means App Volumes and UEM or 3rd Party (Liquidware). Best home for user and profile data is Acropolis File Services(AFS). VDI is scale out, so should your NAS.
3) Easy restore of user files setting on AFS.
4) Easy DR for AFS.
5) AFS Home Share can spread over mutiple VMs allowing for only 1 Group Policy to manage.
6) Data locality for boot storms if you’re not using instant-clones and protection from noisy neighbour under load.
7) 2nd Copy of all data is placed based on capacity and performance to help with #5.
8) Shadow Clones and inline-dedupe for App Volume for in-memory Applications.
9) One Click Upgrades to get features, maintenance and security fixes without having to upgrade ESXi.
10) Over 400 health checks to make sure your desktops run smoothly.

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