HYCU for You: Icing on the cake for AHV


HYCU is a purpose-built application data protection solution for Nutanix. HYCU is coming out of the gate with support for AHV and some key value propositions in mind:
a. 100% Application-focus
b. Backup to NAS &/or Cloud
c. Built to be hypervisor-agnostic. Today it uses changed region tracking API’s available from AOS. Over time HYCU will use those same API’s for other hypervisors.
d. Recover in <2 minutes, deploy in <3 minutes, and learn in <4 minutes. HYCU is developed by Comtrade Software, a Boston-based company. They also develop monitoring solutions like SCOM management packs and Microsoft OMS solutions for Nutanix. Comtrade has really became a part of Nutanix during the development phase. The slack channel between the two companies was great to track progress and not to mention software that meet its release date ahead of schedule! Pick Your Backup Destination?

HYCU provides classic backup and restore through simple and intuitive workflows. You can pickup from a variety of targets to store your data.
• Backup data within datacenter and/or to the cloud
o Nutanix storage
o Third party storage – If you got it, use it.
• Cloud storage – Efficient backup to AWS and Azure that doesnot require cloud-based VM. In most cases the VM running is more costly than the storage so this is a great feature.

Other uses cases
• Application discovery
o Compliance
• Enabling self-service for VM & App/DB Administrators
o Power to protect against impact of patches / upgrades
o Protects SQL out of the box
o Rapid, context sensitive restores
• Restore to alternative location for test / debug / reporting / verification
• Full automation / orchestration through REST API integration

I believe what Veeam did for VMware early can happen again with HYCU for Nutanix. As more and more backup options hit the market for AHV it will be interesting to follow this. If you want to take a spin for your Nutanix CE cluster, sign up here: https://www.comtradesoftware.com/free-trial/

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