App Volumes: Reprovisioning fails with AppStacks set to computer based assignments

Linked clone virtual machines provisioning tasks fails.
Recompose fails due to customization failing to join the desktops to domain.
This issue occurs due to AppStacks being attached during the domain join process.

On reboot after domain join c:\svroot cache is cleared losing changes to the VM.

To resolve this issue, disable the App Volumes Service on the parent virtual machine.
Open a command prompt as administrator and run the following commands
sc config "svservice" start= disabled
net stop "App Volumes Service"
ipconfig /release
Shutdown the virtual machine and take a snapshot.

Create a script or batch file as below to set the service to automatic and start the service.
sc config "svservice" start= auto
net start "App Volumes Service"

Copy the script to the parent virtual machine to a directory you can reference later.
In View Administration portal you will have to reference your post-synchronization script:

Open up View Administration Portal
Go to Catalog – Desktop Pools – Select your pool
Click Edit
Select Guest Customization Tab
Enter the file path for script in post-synchronization script name:


Recompose the pool
VMware KB 2147910

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