THE WORD FROM GOSTEV – 3rd Party Backups aren’t going away.

First off the Veeam newsletter is great and you should sign up. There was one comment that I found interesting was regarding the need for backups. I’ve always said that while Nutanix has a great integrated backup story sometimes it doesn’t meet all of the requirements needed by a business. Getting it out of the storage vendor’s hands is a wise decision. While Nutanix and every other vendor does rigourous QA the fact remains is that were still human and problems can occur.

Something like this has to happen once in a while so that everyone is reminded that storage snapshots are not backups – not even if you replicate them to a secondary array, like these folks did > HPE storage crash killed Australian Tax Office. You may still remember the same issue with EMC array crash disabling multiple Swedish agencies for 5 days not so long ago. These things just happen, this is why it is extremely important to make real backups by taking the production data out of the storage vendor’s “world” – whether we’re talking about classic storage architectures, or up and coming hyper-converged vendors (one of which have not been shy marketing < 5 min "backup" windows lately).

Food for thought, in the end it will be what meets the needs of your business. AKA Can you live with the pain.

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