Get Ready for AOS 5.0 – Nutanix

This authentication behavior is changed in AOS 5.0. If you are using Active Directory, you must also assign roles to entities or users, especially before upgrading from a previous AOS version. If you’re not using AD, pass Go and collect $200!

For customers upgrading their clusters to AOS 5.0:

* Customers upgrading their clusters to AOS 5.0 will see a pre-upgrade check warning if user authentication is enabled for the Active Directory (AD) service and role permissions are not assigned to any user. The upgrade process will fail in this case.

Warning - no role mappings

Warning – no role mappings

* The AOS 5.0 Prism service (part of the Prism web console) will not authenticate AD users if role permissions are not configured for those users. This situation effectively locks out existing AD users that previously were allowed to access the Prism 4.x web console and other components such as the Nutanix command line (nCLI).
Add a Role mapping for your AG Groups or Users

Add a Role mapping for your AG Groups or Users

To upgrade successfully in this case and to maintain existing access, assign roles (role permissions) to entities that are allowed access to Prism before attempting to upgrade your cluster.

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