Battle Royale: View Composer VS Instant-Clones – Deploy

Horizon 7 added Instant-Clones with the ability to clone a full desktop in 4-5 secs. What is the catch? Not really a catch, but no explanation that it takes a bit of time to prep the desktops. For testing purposes, I decided to clone 100 desktops with View Composer and 100 desktops with Instant Clones.

For these tests I used NX 3460-G4, Win 10, 2 vCPU, 2 GB of RAM

Impact of cloning 100 desktops with View Composer


You can see hypervisor IOPS and disk IOPS. The impact is really shown on what is happening on the backend and CPU used to create the desktops. So roughly 16,000 IOPS to create the desktops with Composer.

Impact of cloning 100 desktops with Instant-Clones

You can see an initial bump in IOPS due to the replica that has to be copied without VAAI. The replica also has to get fingerprinted with does take some time. In my testing it took about eight minutes. The reduction in IOPS is amazing. While you still need performance for running the desktops, you don’t have to worry about provisioning destroying your performance. Disk IOPS was ~ only 1200 IOPS at its peak.

Summary VC vs Instant Clone

Deploy 100 Desktops
View Composer: 5 min
Instant Clone: 14 min —– virtual disk digest – 8.22 min
—– Clone 100 desktops 1.4 min

While the overall process took longer the impact is a lot better with Instant-Clones. With hundreds of desktops Instant-Clones is powerful tool to have in your back pocket. Once Instant-Clones gets GPU support I think they will really take off as the default choice. If you have related questions to performance I encourage you to talk to your Nutanix SE and they can get put you in touch with the Solution and Performance Team at Nutanix.

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  1. Great article, Very well explained. Now I completely understood the difference between in View Composer and Instant-Clones. Instant Clone takes time but the impact is a lot better . Instant-Clones is a powerful tool .I have some questions about the performance but I will talk to my Nutanix SE .
    Thanks for sharing .

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