Nutanix Search to Find, Build, Create and Improve

To streamline access to features, Nutanix lets you quickly search for data points and reduces the clicks required to find information through the search function. Prism Pro delivers a web-like search engine experience for your Nutanix environment. Administrators can simply enter common tasks and entities into the search bar to perform searches. The interface displays the returned results in four vertical columns, each representing a different type of result relating to the search query.
The four columns present a list of entities, top analytics about the entities, appropriate actions, related alerts, and help topics that relate to the entities. The help topics provide links to online Nutanix documentation that can help explain features and clarify how to configure them or perform corrective actions.


The search function offers autocomplete to help administrators identify or complete the string that they want to search for.


Nutanix embodies a radically new approach to enterprise infrastructure—one that simplifies every step of the infrastructure life cycle, from buying and deploying to managing, scaling, and supporting.

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