Tech Preview: Nutanix Delivers Native File Services

Acropolis File Services provides a highly availability solution for hosting user and shared department files across a centralized location with a single namespace. Acropolis File Services removes the burden of manual configuration, Active Directory knowledge, load balancing expertise and scaling the solution is controlled thru the Nutanix Prism UI. The Acropolis File Server will greatly simplify non-persistent desktops environments and other use cases that require shared storage for user data.

Customers can deploy Acropolis File Services on existing AHV Clusters in the Tech-Preview. The Acropolis File Server benefits from all of the storage centric features of the Acropolis Distributed Storage Fabric so management and scaling is easy and intuitive. Compression, dedupe and erasure encoding (EC-X) can all be used with the Acropolis File server and if performance needs are meet with existing nodes, storage only nodes can be used to increase capacity.

As shares are created on the Acropolis File Server, load is distributed across the cluster seamless to the end user. Daily datacenter operations are covered as you scale up the Acropolis File Server and deal with physical nodes being added to the Nutanix Cluster and dealing with typical failure scenarios.


If a share called \\FileServerNameFQN\Users was created and contains top level directories \Bob, \Becky,\ Kevin – \Bob would be on say VM1, \Becky on VM2, \Kevin on VM3 and so on. A string hashing algorithm based on the directory names is used to distribute the top level folder directories. This makes non-persistent VDI very easy to setup and deliver without running into bottlenecks.

Watch the below video to see how easy it is to deploy and expand file services in your Nutanix cluster.

<Corporate Announcement – File Services>

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