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Nutanix VirtIO for Windows

Nutanix has released VirtIO for Windows. I am still seeing people finding versions off the web which is fine but it could lead to other support issues. The Nutanix version is a qualified distribution of Windows drivers for AHV’s paravirtual devices. The automatic installer makes it pretty easy for anyone to get started. Both an ISO and MSI are available.

You can download the drivers from the support portal.


STAY-FIT: Getting Ready For What Is Next in Prism

Nutanix Engineering has been working at a blistering speed to further the ease of use of the XCP platform. Nutanix was accepted to present at the BayLearn Symposium this last October to highlight it’s new machine learning algorithm being used in search and capacity trending. I sat in a engineering meeting getting an overview but lets be honest, a lot of it was over my head. Like most things at Nutanix it’s great that the end user doesn’t need to know the inner working to use the product; however, we are always willing to share, case in point the Nutanix Bible.

From a high level – “STAY-FIT: Seasonal Time Series Analysis and Forecasting using Tournament Selection” is an algorithm to forecast “yearly”, “quarterly”, “monthly” and “other” time series. We also used STAY-FIT to forecast our customer data. STAY-FIT predictions outperformed the best existing algorithm (THETA) with testing demoed at the Baylearn conference.

• Self learning from data and capable of optimally choosing the right set of models for forecasting;
• Scalable to handle web-scale applications;
• Capable of online real-time predictions.

STAY-FIT is the core algorithm for predictive analysis that’ll be shipped as part of Capacity Analytics on Prism Central in the next release. You can check out the below demo that was presented live at our first user conference. More Nutanix goodness to come.

A copy of the STAY-FIT paper can be found on:

Applying Machine Learning to Real Estate


Horizon Toolbox 2

To be honest I never knew this tool existed before today. Remote assistance has always been a hassle when doing troubleshooting shooting so I look forward to giving this a spin.

New features in 2.0

Console Access
– List all VMs for desktop pools, and you can filter VMs by VM name or DNS name.
– Clicking the VM name, the vSphere console for that VM will pop out.
Power-on policy
– Lists all desktop pools and their power policies.
– Power Policy can power on all VMs in a desktop pool with some schedule, like 8:00 AM on all work days.
– You can setup power policy for each desktop pool.
Client IP address auditing
List detailed information for all broker sessions, including user name, Client IP addresses, login time and log out time.

Installation file
– GUI installation process

Auditing performance
– Compared with toolbox 1.5, auditing performance has been enhanced due to improved SQL query.

Remote assistance
– Update the workflow so it’s more stable with Windows Remote Assistance. In addition, installation on helpdesk is no longer needed
– Compatibility improvement for different Horizon View version
– The end user side installer makes sure Windows Remote Assistance model is correctly configured.

Toolbox Download

Nutanix View 6 Reference Architecture