Manage 100 Clusters Around the World with Prism Central

Nutanix provides an option to monitor and manage multiple clusters through a single web console. The multicluster view, known as Prism Central, is a centralized management tool that runs as a separate VM. Prism Central provides the following features:

* Single sign on for all registered clusters
* Summary dashboards across all clusters with health, activity, performance, and utilization information
* Multicluster analytics capabilities
* One click access to the web console for a cluster
* Easy ability to switch between clusters

With the default memory configuration of 8GB, Prism Central can support a maximum of 50 clusters. By increasing memory capacity to 16GB and expanding its virtual disk to 320GB (60GB + data partition of 260GB), Prism Central can support a maximum of 100 clusters. The actual numbers may be higher but this is what has been tested in house. You need to resize the partition so it best to log a ticket into support at they can quickly help you out.



  1. Hi,


    What is the largest # of globally managed clusters have you seen so far?


    • dlessner says:

      Hi Ian

      Sorry for the late reply. I’ve seen Prism Central do 30 sites . I’ve seen some deals for 50 but don’t think they have been deployed yet.

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