Leading Canadian Service Provider Agilis Networks Runs Nutanix XCP

agilisIt’s great to hear success stories in the service provider space other than AWS. Agilis Networks needed a new more resilient storage solution that was powerful and responsive enough to support all of their external b2b platforms. Making money for them was also not spending countless hours fixing problems, the promise of hyper-converged with web-scale properties made Nutanix the right choice.

In the Agilis Networks business model, customers can buy cycles all the way up to the VMs, according to Frescura. “We provide data center hosting, power, air conditioning, server cycles, and VMs to our customers,” he explained. “But unlike a much larger service, we don’t serve hundreds or thousands of customers. We aren’t a commodity provider, we only serve clients with very rigorous up time requirements. We o er a very high level of reliability and redundancy,so our solution is the perfect fit for customers that need a robust service.

Using Nutanix Prism
Agilis Networks is now using the Nutanix Prism interface to manage the environment. “We keep an eye on the messages and alerts, and our storage admin checks in about once a day just to make sure everything is good,” Frescura said. “There haven’t been any problems since we deployed the systems, but it’s always reassuring to see the statistics. It really is a set it and forget it platform.”

Working with Nutanix Channel Partner of the year for 2014 and 2015, Zycom Technologies, Nutanix was selected as the best solution to meet their needs. As well as obtaining high availability for all of their applications, they have reduced their datacenter footprint by 3x and seen significant savings in power costs.

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