Best Practices with 3D Graphics For VMware View 6.2

Don’t use vSGA with 4K monitors
When 4K monitors are configured on machines where 3D Rendering and vSGA are enabled, moving, resizing the Windows Media Player window to full screen mode can be very slow. This issue does not occur with 2D, software 3D Rendering, or monitors with 2560×1440 resolution.

Have different templates for NVIDA support and non-gpu deskops
If NVIDIA drivers are installed on a virtual machine that you use as a parent or template to deploy a desktop pool, and the machines are deployed on non-NVIDIA GRID hardware on the ESXi hosts, users might not be able to start desktop sessions correctly. This issue might occur if the virtual machine was used previously in an NVIDIA GRID vGPU deployment. Remove the NVIDIA drivers from the virtual machine before you take a snapshot or make a template and deploy the desktop pool.

Use the latest NVIDIA drivers
If vDGA is enabled on a Windows 7 virtual machine that is configured to use NVIDIA driver version 347.25, the desktop session can be disconnected. This issue does not occur on Windows 8.1 or on other NVIDIA driver versions. Do not use NVIDIA driver version 347.25.

Disable screen savers or use a black screen
On Windows 8/8.1 desktops, 3D screensavers operate even when the 3D Renderer setting is disabled, and the screensavers do not render correctly. This issue does not occur on Windows 7 desktops.
Workaround: Make sure your end users do not use 3D screensavers, or enable the 3D Renderer setting for the desktop pool.

Remove old NVIDIA vibs before upgrading
Check to see if you have an old NVIDIA vib before upgrading. You might be not be able to power on your desktop.

esxcli software vib list | grep NVIDIA

Reserve all your desktop memory

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