Intel 3D XPoint and NVM Express – Data Locality Matters For Hyper-Coverged Systems

Today data locality within Nutanix provides many benefits around adding new hardware into the cluster, performance, reducing network congestion and ensuring performance is consistent. Some people will argue about 10 Gb networking is fast enough and latency isn’t a problem. Maybe impact today is not as noticeable on low workloads but network congestion can measured and noticed on high performing systems today. Its only going to get worse with new technologies like 3D XPoint and NVM Express coming to market.

Nutanix only ever sends 1 write over the network where other vendors without data locality potential could be sending 2 writes over the network and also serving remote reads across the network as well. As you look at the density and the performance in 3D XPoint it becomes evident that data locality is going to a must check box feature.

3D XPoint Improvements over NAND

You can also see below that NVM Express can drive 6 GB/s! not 6 Gb. The 10 Gb will become a bottlneck even a 1 write across the network let alone 2 writes and reads going across the network.

To get a full insight of 3D XPoint and NVM Experss and the impact of data locality watch the below video from Intel.

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