Lenovo & Nutanix Ink New OEM

“Nutanix has been a key player in the emergence of the hyperconverged market and was early to demonstrate demand for the technology”, said Matt Eastwood, Senior Vice President, IDC Enterprise Infrastructure and Datacenter Group. “This Lenovo OEM partnership with Nutanix goes well beyond typical alliances, embracing joint engineering, marketing and a dedicated sales team. Combined with the global reach of Lenovo, this partnership with Nutanix will accelerate the reach of hyperconverged infrastructure into new markets.”


When in doubt lead with a quote from someone that knows what their talking about! I have never really tracked Lenovo other than laptops and know that it’s not very likely that their servers will find their way into USA federal environments. So one can conclude that I have a pretty narrow focus when it comes to Lenovo. What I do know is that Nutanix is a part of the Open Compute Project and this OEM relationship further strengthens the message that we are software defined using commodity hardware without any need fore ASICS or FPGA’s. If the server has Intel in it, there is a good chance we can are run our software.

Just as the Dell relationship accelerated Nutanix in markets which would have taken years, Lenvo can do the same. I saw Dell being a big boost in areas like SLED where you might have needed to be on some standing offer. Nutanix has been able to use this standing offer and attack traditional storage in kind of blunt force trauma sort of a way. Lenovo will help out in China for Nutanix and Lenovo will get to ride the success of Nutanix in North America. I should point out that Nutanix has been in China for awhile its just my feeling that it’s a tough market. Even VMware hasn’t seen much traction there in terms of the rest of the world.

I think the fact that is a true OEM instead of Nutanix just using sourcing hardware bodes well for both companies. The storage technologies that live beside the CPU is changing quickly. Nutanix’s ability to adhere to data locality and new technologies by Intel that are bringing more data close to the CPU makes it great to see some more hardware folks in a company that’s mostly software.

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