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McAfee MOVE For The Acropolis Hypervisor

McAfee MOVE AntiVirus Multi-Platform lives up to it’s name. Move MP is hypervisor agnostic so it fits perfectly into what Nutanix is doing from a VM mobility standpoint. If you want to do DR or migrate VM’s between different hyperviors you don’t have to worry about your AV solution getting in the away as-long as your VM’s have access to the Offload Scan Servers. This solution removes the need to install an anti-virus application on every VM, and it is the original agent-based deployment option.

The solution has been around for awhile and has been steadily approved upon. I actually run this years ago for a VDI View environment and back then a limitation was that it couldn’t do on-demand scanning which is no longer a limitation. The targeted on-demand scan feature allows the administrator to select a system or a group of systems from the System Tree in McAfee ePO and assign a client task to initiate the on-demand scan immediately. Pretty handy if you just want to target one area if you’re checking for something specifically related to a threat.

The Multi-Platform deployment option offloads all scanning to a dedicated VM — an offload scan server — that runs VirusScan Enterprise software. Guest VMs are no longer required to run anti-virus
software locally, which improves performance for anti-virus scanning, and increases VM density per hypervisor.


The Multi-Platform deployment option:
• Uses McAfee ePO to manage the MOVE configuration on the client systems, offload scan server, and SVA Manager (OSS Manager).
• Leverages the McAfee Agent for policy and event handling.
• Uses McAfee ePO for reports on viruses that are discovered on the VMs

RAM disk for scanning

RAM disk is used by the OSS for file scanning and it significantly reduces the disk I/O on the offload scan server. You can enable the RAM disk option in the ePolicy Orchestrator server. RAM disk is created by the OSS and it improves the OSS performance by enhancing the scan time. This way you can save your flash on Nutanix for your workloads.

If you’re looking for an AV option for AHV, McAfee Move Multi-Platform is an option you should look at.