CommVaullt & Nutanix Complete The Treasure Map

Nutanix now has Integration with CommVault allowing Nutanix’s Per VM snapshots to be fully indexed. This allows for finding the files and databases you need instead of going on a treasure hunt. Per VM restores are great to bring back a service but doesn’t have the same granularity as being fully indexed. CommVault search servers provide fulltext indexes of over 300 supported file types including indexes of metadata to files as well. Users can search against these indexes to find and retrieve information without needing to know the exact file or location where the data resided.

With a Hypervisor agnostic Commvault Nutanix Plugin called as NOS Connector installed on the Media Agent, it will allow snapshots to be mounted and have the data indexed into Commserve.

Configuration is easy to setup by using external IP address of the cluster as seen below.


The above information is used to generate Rest-API calls behind the scenes to automate the process of creating production domains on Nutnaix and protecting your data.

CommVault Press Release: <Here>


  1. Hi,

    Do you know what are the prerequisites for the compatibility of both products ?


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