NPX: Not About The Paper

Certifications have always made me feel wishy washy if they’re worth the time spent in achieving them. I had lots of VMware certs including VCP-DT #10 which I was super proud of at the time. I was on the fence for a long time if I should go for NPX. There was a part of me that thought I should do it because I work at Nutanix and I should support it. The reality is there is lots of work to do for NPX and probably not the best thing if your heart isn’t in it. Without your own personal reasons it would really be too easy to toss in the towel. I thought from a skill set it would be great for me to sharpen some of the more consulting like skills and there is an abundance of resources to help me out too. What pushed me over the edge was an opportunity to design a new Acropolis Hypervisor environment and to learn more about KVM and networking which were not as sharp as my VMware skills.

It’s worth noting that I did fail my first attempt at the VCP-DCD so I knew this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park in addressing all of the requirements. Luckily I have both Josh Odgers and Lane Leverett to help out out when I have questions. Not to mention my team, Steve Poitras, aka Creator of the Nutanix Bible, Hyper-V guru, Mike Mcghee, Kevin Fernandez, CCIE and brand new member Design Artist, Brian Suhr. The great thing is all those people are a tweet away for anyone. Also just look at what Derek Seaman is doing for VCDX candidates below:

In deciding in selecting brown-field environment is great from the stand point that I don’t have to make anything up but it’s also brings in a lot of variables. A part of me wishes I would have found a brand new VMware View environment to stand up because of my background but I think once finished this will be pretty rewarding.

To me NPX is learning and strengthening skills and working together to achieve something great. I look forward to sharing what I learn here.

NPX Guidelines: http://go.nutanix.com/npx-application.html

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