Nutanix Acropolis and XenDesktop – Operations Made Easy – NPX / VMturbo

VDI is hopefully ran/maintained by your desktop team, not your highest paid guys on the operations team. One of the main reasons of why the Acropolis hypervisor was created was to control the experience as the desktops are managed and as the environment scales. Two of the most sought out after questions in designing a VDI solution is how many desktops per LUN/NFS/Container and how many desktops per management resource(vCenter/SCVMM). On the number of desktops per container for NFS on vCenter for Nutanix the VPXA agent would have problems around 2,000 desktops per container. This is still a far cry from typical 150 for block storage and 250 desktops for traditional NFS based storage but something you needed to account for. With the Acropolis hypervisor there is no need to keep track of the number of desktops running in a container so it makes that design consideration pretty easy.

Nothing was worse of me on Saturday afternoon updating my VDI environment waiting for the desktops to update in a serial nature. This is the main reason why both vCenter and SCVMM are architectured to only support ~2,000 desktops for VDI, any more than you’ll be waiting around as you update your desktops. Since Prism (Nutanix Management) is based on scale out principles (Map Reduce/Apache Cassandra) we can parallelize the service requests across the whole cluster. Anything added benefit is that Prism is highly available so you don’t have to worry about a single point of failure in your environment.

Avoid the bottleneck of virtualization management with Acropolis.

Avoid the bottleneck of virtualization management with Acropolis.

The Acropolis hypervisor doesn’t have memory over-commitment today but between Large Pages from Windows 7 on and highly dynamic environments were machines are consistently rebooting/re-created memory over-commitment is not as strong as it once was in the Windows XP days. The Acropolis hypervisor can place machines on boot were the majority of their data resides and based on available resources. To further the integration of data placement and compute resources check out what VMturbo is doing for QofS on Nutanix.

In simplifying the day 2 support for VDI, user experience will go up with consistent performance and availability. Acropolis is freed from the burden of past virtualization management choices and continue to provide one-click everything to run day to day operations to ease. Looking forward to seeing the Citrix and Nutanix relationship to grow even more over the coming months.

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