Introduction to DevOps with Udacity

Me and Karl

Me and Karl

This course was an awesome side project. I was lucky to help with an Intro to DevOps side by side with Karl Krueger. Karl really is the star of the show. Karl worked at Google as an SRE for over 8 years and has some great insightd from the development side. Most of my life has been on the infrastructure side of the house but I did have a brief journey in development in the early 2000’s. I think both sides of the fence have allowed me to have a lot of empathy to my developer friends.

Like Karl, all the people at Udacity are top notch and made me question how they can pay for all the talent they have. Gundega Dekena did a lot of work half way across the world too. Gundega did a ton work with the course content drawing on personal experience as well. When you take a Udacity course you really get a team of people producing the content. I would encourage you to check out some of their free content as well and if you like it, grab a subscription. The video work used for demo’s is really amazing stuff from what I have seen on the market.

Let me know if you take the course and how it went.



  1. When is the course launching?

  2. For me this was just “what the doctor had ordered”. I’m an ex Dev guy handling a lot of maintenance and management issues. Just finished lesson 1 of the course and it’s been exciting learning path…

    look forward to more such courses from your team.

    Thanks much!

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