App Mobility Fabric – Memories of vMotion #NextConf

Remember the first time you saw vMotion? For me it was in 2007 and we only had three ESXi hosts but it was amazing after the slew of problems that I had to deal with during past years with whiteboxes that made up our datacentre. I could finally do maintenance work with out having to wait for weekends, vMotion was a game changer. Today Nutanix announces App Mobility Fabric and I will wager that it will give people a similar feeling to what I had in 2007.


App Mobility Fabric is placement, migration, conversion and integreated DR and HA capablities to move applications freely across the private data centre and into the cloud. Built upon a rich set of APIs for integration, any consumer will be able to chart their own path to suit their own business needs. Based on the feature set and needs of your applications you’ll be able to on the covert disk images with ease, migrate VMs across hypervisors (ESXi, Hyper-V and Acropolis)

Nutanix continues the story of the hypervisor being the sheet metal of data center. With no religion where the VM lives, customers get the ultimate choice of where there VM’s live. This story will also across over into the hot container space as well. Containers that are both hosted virtually and in the public cloud will also be able to be managed and moved.

How will this data center voodoo work?

A lot of the work begin along time ago and is a continuation of what the Nutanix DR team has envisioned. Nutanix is uniquely positioned because it doesn’t have legacy LUNS to deal with nor support. This focus has lead to alot of the DR code being a base for this work. Behind the scenes a Nutanix protection domain is created with the example of going from ESXi -> KVM. The same workflow takes place, once the VM is about to power on there is a check to see if is the same hypervisor. If the hypervisor is different it will start the conversion process. Already in the product if you do a “Cluster Status: you’ll see Nutanix Guest Tools. Nutanix Guest Tools will we play a vital role with filter drivers in helping in the conversion process.

Nutanix Guest Tools

Nutanix Guest Tools

Busy day in Miami, I will write more on this and the new features coming to Nutanix Customers when I get back to Canada.


  1. like the vmotion, does the app mobility fabric have CPU compatibility problems?

  2. Hi,
    I really want to know more about the behavior and architecture of this.

    Should I expect it can
    1. vMotion / Live migration between the supported Hypervisor (back and forth) ?
    2. Any downtime ?
    3. Is it triggered just by few click?
    4. Is this features released yet ? We are having but cannot find the option.


    • The upcoming release will have some more added pieces. Currently you can of mix ESXi clusters and AHV with the 6035C and there is a VM moblity installer which help to lay the ground work for the upcoming release. When comverting VM’s there will be a reboot needed because your chainging vm file formats. They plan is only be a few clicks to keep it simple and easy but hard to commit until the release goes to RC.

      • Currently mean Acropolis base ?
        And do you have any guide or video showing mix ESXi and AHV in same cluster ?
        I am very interested in it.

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