New Nutanix Reference Architecture: VMware Horizon DaaS with App Volumes

The Nutanix Reference Architecture(RA) for VMware Horizon DaaS is now Publicly available. This RA shows how you can seamlessly scale and deliver consistent robust performance for VMware Horizon DaaS within single- or, more commonly, multi-tenant environments, depending on the user needs and the number of desktops.

The Nutanix platform eliminates performance bottlenecks while enabling multi-tenant management and performance protection from noisy tenant neighbors. In this document, we demonstrate Nutanix’s storage efficiency while provisioning full-clone desktops with vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) and with data reduction features enabled. Our findings show that the Nutanix platform delivers tremendous value for end-users, service providers, and IT management by providing a great user experience with predictable costs. The highlights of our testing results include:


The saying “It takes a village” hold true with this RA. While I was the primary technical lead, the Nutanix Performance and Solution teams and the VMware DaaS team all helped to make this paper public. Please give your comments here or directly.

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