DevOps at Target & .Next

I was trying to find some examples of companies that weren’t just web companies using DevOps to change their business. I stumbled across the below video of Heather (@hmmickman) and Ross (@rossclanton) that talk about their teams and company’s story about getting aboard the DevOps train. The thing that I heard above people and process was API’s. Even with the use of a few API’s, automation can be used to change the game in your environment.

DevOps - Target

Target’s use of API’s

In the context of test and dev environments(production too) it’s automation that drives cost down. Hypervisors like Nutanix’s Linux KVM version offers something unique in that department being hyper-converged. Imagine having something that has predictable performance, the ability to quickly deploy your applications with VAAI, run docker containers, deploy and move nodes around the environment, attach storage automatically, use Packer to build consistent environments for KVM, ESXi and your local desktop. They’re so many choices to get the job done today, it’s really exciting to see all the options today. Puppet Chef, Salt and so on. I would encourage people to register for .Next and see what the future has in store with you and Nutanix.

DevOpsDays Minneapolis 2014 — Heather Mickman & Ross Clanton, DevOps at TGT from devopsdays on Vimeo.

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