Docker and Virtualization – Both are needed

Today we released the Nutanix Next Community Podcast on Docker. Our guest was Nigel Poulton who I was lucky enough to first meet at a Tech Field Day event back in 2012. Nigel has a couple of courses available on Docker at Pluralsight and has great insight knowing Docker and spending a ton of time working with infrastructure.

You can check out the full podcast on iTunes or here:

A question that gets raised will Docker cut into a significant portion of the virtualization game? Will Hyper-V and VMware lose potential revenue to people running docker? It’s a hard question to answer and I think we tried to address it in the podcast in a round about way. Unless your a Joyent and doing something very custom like with their SmartOS it’s doubtful to me. Developers don’t tend to manage infrastructure and DevOps is only a buzz word for a lot Enterprises. Enterprises tend to be slow moving so a common management platform is important and that tends to be the virtualization layer. If the delvoplers didn’t already move out and consume public cloud resources, virtualiaztion will still be needed. There were lots of reason why people moved away from bare metal installs and lots of those same reasons still apply. Yes Docker can provide isolation but host management, security and protecting the workloads are still very important. You still need to backup and manage your images and any persistent data that may be stored. Does it make sense to make for a Enterprise Plus license from VMware to run Docker? Probably not but maybe there is the right use case. I am still need to get my head around Docker Swarm \ lattice and how it will all tie together. Like AWS, I see Xen and KVM based hypervisors flourishing here. Get the features that you lose out on from going bare-metal and but lower the cost. This is were I can see people still running Docker on a virtualized host because of the familiarity with the management layer.

From a Nutanix perspective whichever hypervisor you want to run, ESXi, Hyper-V or KVM you get:

  • Per VM Management, per disk level metrics
  • Hardware Management thru one-click upgrades
  • Auto-scale your infrastructure thru the Prism UI or API’s
  • Snapshots/backup – think protecting your private repository
  • Network/Security Management

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