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Using a cloud destination like AWS to provide on-demand backup is quick and easy to provide protection for your important workloads. Nutanix customers can maintain and manage their infrastructure though Prism like they have always done before. Nutanix hides the complexity by using Prism to have all Async Remote site appear the same way one once the site is setup. Additional physical gear can be avoided and existing datacenter floor space can be saved for running workloads. The inclusion of Cloud Connect can help ensure recovery from large outages as AWS provides added value of having worldwide availability zones.


Data that is sent across the WAN can be compressed and the granularity of what is sent is at the byte level. If 32K of data is changed Nutanix will send 32K of data. If only 4K of data is changed then we will only send 4K of data.

One physical Nutanix cluster can replicate too many remote AWS clusters(no limits); however, today one remote AWS instance can only replicate to one physical cluster.

The NOS instance uses both Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Storage) and Amazon S3( Simple Storage Service) for data. EBS is used to store the metadata for the cluster and is stored on SSD. For added resiliency the EBS metadata is snapshotted every time a replication occurs to prevent against corruption that might be caused by AWS. Only 1 snapshot is kept at a time. When the next replication occurs the old snapshot will get deleted after a successful replication.

The replicated user data from the local site is stored in S3 buckets. The NOS instance will get attached a thin provisioned 100 TB thin provisioned disk called the Cloud Disk. Janus helps to identify the disk either local, S3 or Azure based for support of future releases.

Nutanix provides the automation to maintain your AWS sites with a script that is stored on the AWS Controller Virtual Machine to delete all EBS and S3 storage. This prevents an accidental data deletion on the remote cluster if someone accidental deletes the AWS remote site in the Prism UI.

All information based on NOS 4.1.1

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