Nutanix Cloud Management Service – Janus

Providing backup services into Amazon is made simple by the deployment of the Nutanix Controller Virtual Machine (CVM) into Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Deployment is handled by using the Prism UI and supplying the customers Amazon Web Services (AWS) access key and secret key to give a fully automated solution. Under the covers the automation is provided by a new cluster service in NOS 4.1 named Janus. Janus is the Nutanix Cloud Management Service, it will provide the framework for transport between private and public clouds.


The Janus services are exposed via cerebro which allows customer to use the same Prism interface to manage their environments.

The Janus service is responsible for:
• Managing AWS credentials
• Listing AWS regions
• Listing Nutanix Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
• Deploying & configuring a Nutanix CVM on EC2 ( no limits, deploy one to every region if you want)
• List Nutanix Instances
• Start and stop Nutanix instances

More details to follow in an upcoming Tech Note.

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