Prism Central offers first class security for your customers with VMware Horizon DaaS

Prism Central is a powerful management tool that allows administrators to centrally manage and control Nutanix clusters around the world from a single pane of glass. It removes the operational complexity from managing multiple clusters in a single location, or when geographically distributed across different datacenters. Combined with VMware Horizon DaaS both the service provider and customer\tenants get flexibility without sacrificing security.

The platform-agnostic HTML5-based interface provides a bird’s-eye view of IT resources across multiple clusters, enabling administrators to select and manage individual clusters as required. Single sign-on streamlines large-scale management by eliminating the need to log into each cluster individually. Prism Central also gives administrators an aggregate view of all resources in the environment to quickly and efficiently monitor all VMs and storage resources and identify potential issues in individual clusters. It can be deployed in any one of the Nutanix clusters in the global environment.

Prism Central enables service providers to offer physical, isolated environments for all of their tenants without the worry of increased management costs. Tenants can be given read-only access to their clusters and additional time managing reservations can be avoided as the failure domain is isolated to the tenant. Tenants needing the newest features can move quickly to new releases without impacting the rest of the environment. Today over 100 clusters can be managed with Prism Central.

Prism Centeral

This is the only hyper-converged platform that allows this type of management without imposing restrictions on the vSphere cluster design. Some customers may want their own vCenter(s), some may want to split compute clusters for different departments and some may never even want to see vCenter.

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