Web-scale Data Protection

The key to success for Nutanix is the ability to scale. Nutanix is not bound to the same limitations from dual controller architecture or federations that might be relying on special hardware like NVRAM or customer ASICS to assist with performance. In regards to snapshots and disaster recovery, the ability to scale metadata becomes a key part of delivering performance while ensuring availability and reliability. Each Nutanix node is responsible for a subset of the overall platform’s metadata. This eliminates the traditional bottlenecks by allowing metadata to be served and manipulated by all nodes in the cluster with pure software. <- Check out how metadata scales ->

Since each node has its own virtual storage controller and access to local metadata, replication can scale along with the needs of the cluster. Every node helps to participant in replication to reduce hot spots throughout the cluster.


As of Nutanix Operating System 4.0 every node can replicate 4 files up to an aggregate of 100 MB/s at anyone time. This means in a 4 node configuration, the cluster could replicate 400 MB/s or 3.2 Gb/s. As you continue to grow the cluster the virtual storage controllers will keep replication traffic distributed. In many to 1 deployment for example in remote branch offices you can have peace of mind that main Datacenter will not become the bottleneck as the overall solution grows. Making sure the main site is scalable and reliable also eases administration instead of having multiple replication targets to maintain, monitor and manage.

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