Veeam EndPoint Backup – Because The Cloud Doesn’t Exist In Blackfoot


Though I work for one of the fastest growing companies in tech my home Internet connection is as slow as molasses in January. Using Cloud backup options is real pain in my back side. At Nutanix we use a variety of collaboration tools and file servers:

* Google Drive
* SharePoint
* Box
* Microsoft DFS on Nutanix

But the problem remains, getting files to point A to point B if I want to make sure I always have a copy of the file. It’s most painful when I am trying to save Viso files. I do work around the situation and live inside of my virtual desktop when working on large files and reference architecture but when travelling it’s still nice to have them near by.

For the reasons mentioned above and just for good IT hygiene I am happy to see Veeam enter the desktop backup market. I installed Veeam EndPoint on my laptop and noticed it shares the same backup model as their flagship product. One large backup file and then incrementals till the cows come home. I just reused an SSD from my old tower PC and converted it using a USB 3.0 external dock\case.

Since I use my laptop for running virtual machines it was great to see that Veeam will throttle the backup depending on what is going on the laptop. Below are some pictures from my install.

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