Nutanix Async Replication – Save Your Flash

Today Nutanix provide Async Replication as of NOS 4.0.2.

Since lots of small remote sites have limited bandwidth it doesn’t make sense impacting running workloads and wearing out your flash on the destination side. If the aggregate incoming bandwidth required to maintain the current change rate is <= 500 Mb/s it is recommended to skip the performance tier(SSD's). This is a general guideline with a 4 node cluster. As your cluster grows you can add 100 Mb/s per node to that number. For Example, For a 12 node cluster it should be able to safely handle a change rate of <= 1,300 Mb/s. I would recommend the destination container be brand new as well when you setup the remote site if possible. That way you can apply the appropriate polices without impacting other workloads. If licensing permits I would also use MapReduce Compression on the destination container to save space. To skip the performance tier, use the following command from the NCLI ncli ctr edit sequential-io-priority-order=DAS-SATA,SSD-SATA,SSD-PCIe name=

You can always reserve the above change to the defaults if your perform a fail over.

NOTE: SSD’s are fully covered under support regardless of usage.

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